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Our Mission

While giving back to teachers in the partner districts served, the primary mission of Grace Ed Technologies (get) is to provide K-12 Schools with technology solutions that simultaneously have a significant instructional and safety benefit.


GET is proud to provide these smarter, safer solutions for K-12 schools:


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We partner with CENTEGIX™ to offer the industry-leading CrisisAlert™ Solution, which provides school personnel with a wearable, emergency badge that empowers them to immediately and conveniently send an alert for any crisis, major incident or medical emergency that happens anywhere on campus. Coupled with unique location sensing capabilities, this proprietary technology drastically reduces response times and ultimately saves lives.

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No K-12 solution simultaneously makes schools smarter and safer than a classroom camera managed by a classroom teacher. Teaming with the power of Kould-12, we provide 360-degree cameras to school districts for professional development, remote learning, best practice video lessons and more. As instruction improves, discipline referrals and false accusation from the classroom decline sharply. 


Now more than ever, it is imperative we keep our schools as clean, safe and virus-free as possible. An Ecovasive infection control treatment fights harmful viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens and can provide surface protection for up to 90 days.

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Research proves when students hear better, they learn better. We provide teachers with a convenient wearable, wireless microphone that links to ceiling speakers creating clear and balanced sound. As a major bonus, teachers save their voices and have more energy at the end of the day.


We are proud to partner with over 100 districts in the Southeast.
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